Finding an AT&T Store Near You: A Simple Guide

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new device, update your plan, or receive in-person assistance, finding an AT&T store near you is essential. AT&T has a vast network of retail stores, authorized dealers, and participating locations across the United States, ensuring that customers have convenient access to their services. In this article, we will guide you through the process of locating an AT&T store near you.

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Using the AT&T Store Locator

1. Easy Access Through the AT&T Website or App: The AT&T Store Locator is readily accessible on the AT&T website or through its mobile app. This convenience ensures that whether you’re at home or on the go, finding a store is just a few clicks or taps away.

2. User-Friendly Interface: The locator tool is designed with simplicity in mind. Enter your ZIP code, city, or state, and it immediately provides a list of nearby AT&T stores. This intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone, regardless of their tech-savviness.

3. Detailed Store Information: Once a store is selected, the tool provides essential information, including the store’s address, phone number, hours of operation, and sometimes even the services offered at that specific location. This detail helps in planning your visit, especially if you need specialized services.

4. Directions and Maps Integration: For added convenience, the locator integrates with maps and GPS services. This feature provides step-by-step directions to your chosen store, an invaluable aid for those unfamiliar with the area.

5. Updates on Store Availability and Services: The AT&T Store Locator is regularly updated to reflect changes in store hours, availability, and the services provided. This ensures that you have the most current information before you make the trip.

6. Filtering Options: To refine your search, the locator includes filtering options. You can search for stores offering specific services like wireless consultations, DIRECTV services, or device pick-up, ensuring that you head to a location that can meet your specific needs.

In summary, the AT&T Store Locator is a practical and user-friendly tool that bridges the gap between online convenience and offline service needs. Whether you’re a long-time AT&T customer or new to their services, this tool simplifies the process of finding a store, getting directions, and preparing for your visit.

Finding AT&T Authorized Retailers

1. Utilizing the AT&T Store Locator: The primary tool for finding an AT&T Authorized Retailer is the AT&T Store Locator available on their website and mobile app. This locator is not just limited to AT&T’s corporate stores; it also includes authorized retailers, making it a comprehensive tool for finding any AT&T service point.

2. Understanding the Difference: It’s important to differentiate between AT&T Corporate Stores and Authorized Retailers. While both offer a wide range of AT&T products and services, Authorized Retailers might have different promotions or policies. The Store Locator typically indicates whether a location is a corporate store or an authorized retailer.

3. Search Options and Filters: When using the Store Locator, you can search by entering a ZIP code, city, or state. For more specific results, use filters to find retailers offering particular services or products, like wireless plans, home internet services, or specific device brands.

4. Detailed Information for Planning Visits: The locator provides detailed information about each retailer, including address, contact details, operating hours, and available services. This information helps in planning your visit effectively, especially if you require specific assistance.

5. Real-Time Updates and Directions: The Store Locator offers real-time updates on store hours and availability, a critical feature during holidays or special events. Plus, it integrates with map services for easy navigation to the retailer’s location.

6. Online Alternatives: If visiting a physical store isn’t feasible, AT&T’s online shop is an alternative, offering the same range of products and services. However, for personalized service and hands-on product experiences, visiting an Authorized Retailer is recommended.

In conclusion, finding an AT&T Authorized Retailer is a straightforward process thanks to the AT&T Store Locator. Whether you’re seeking personal assistance, wanting to explore new products, or need specific AT&T services, these retailers are equipped to provide the support and solutions you need.

Locating AT&T Services at Participating Locations

1. Using the AT&T Locator Tool: The most straightforward way to find AT&T services is through the AT&T Locator Tool, available on their website and mobile app. This tool is adept at pinpointing not only AT&T stores but also participating locations where you can access AT&T services.

2. Recognizing Participating Locations: AT&T services are often available in various retail outlets, electronics stores, and even some department stores. These participating locations are authorized to sell or provide information about AT&T’s services, including wireless plans, internet subscriptions, and TV packages.

3. Diverse Service Options: Participating locations usually offer a variety of AT&T services. However, the availability of specific services like home internet, wireless plans, or DIRECTV packages can vary. The Locator Tool often provides details about the services offered at each location.

4. Detailed Location Information: For each participating location, the Locator Tool gives comprehensive information, including address, contact details, and operating hours. Some entries also include specific services available at that location, helping you decide where to go for your particular needs.

5. Real-Time Updates and Directions: The tool is regularly updated to reflect any changes in services, operating hours, or location statuses. It also integrates with map applications, offering convenient navigation to your chosen location.

6. Contacting Locations Directly: For specific inquiries or to confirm service availability, it’s often a good idea to contact the participating location directly. This can provide the most current and detailed information about the AT&T services they offer.

In summary, locating AT&T services at participating locations is made more accessible with the AT&T Locator Tool. Whether you’re looking for a new phone, setting up home internet, or exploring TV options, these locations offer the convenience and expertise to guide you through AT&T’s extensive service offerings.


Finding an AT&T store or authorized retailer near you is a simple process thanks to the AT&T store locator tool. By entering your location and applying the necessary filters, you can quickly identify nearby stores, authorized retailers, or participating locations that offer the products and services you need. With AT&T’s extensive network of locations, you can easily access the assistance and services you require, wherever you are.

table of contents