Navigating Delta American Express Customer Service: A Guide to Getting Help

Originally posted on 07/17/2023 @ 9:13 PM

As a Delta SkyMiles credit card holder, you’ll often find yourself communicating with American Express (Amex) customer service. Whether you have questions about your card benefits, need assistance with billing issues, or require help in managing your SkyMiles, American Express provides several avenues to ensure you receive the support you need.

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1. Phone Support

American Express provides 24/7 phone support for its card members. The customer service phone number should be on the back of your Delta SkyMiles credit card. You can call this number for any immediate inquiries or concerns related to your account. The customer service representatives are trained to address a variety of issues, from explaining card benefits to troubleshooting technical problems with your online account.

2. Online Chat

American Express offers a live chat option for its card members. When you log into your online account or Amex App, you can find the chat feature in the customer service section. This feature allows you to communicate in real-time with a customer service representative. The live chat option is ideal for simple questions and may offer faster response times compared to phone support.

3. Secure Message Center

If you have less urgent inquiries, you can also send a secure message through the Amex website or app. You can find this option in your account dashboard under the “Contact Us” section. Responses are typically provided within 24-48 hours.

4. Social Media

American Express has a strong presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, where they offer customer support. You can reach out to their customer service by tweeting @AskAmex or sending a message on their Facebook page.

5. Mail

For issues that require written communication or document submission, such as disputes or certain request forms, you may need to contact American Express via mail. The mailing address should be listed on your billing statement or can be found on the American Express website.

6. In-Person Support

If you hold a Delta SkyMiles® Reserve American Express Card, you can also receive in-person customer support at Delta Sky Club locations, where available.

Remember, when reaching out to customer service, always have your card information ready to ensure they can assist you effectively and efficiently. If your card is lost or stolen, contact American Express immediately to protect your account.

Remember, customer service options may vary depending on the type of Delta SkyMiles card you have, your location, and the nature of your inquiry, so it’s best to check the most current resources on the American Express website or app.

table of contents