Exploring the Delta Companion Certificate: A Guide to Flying Together

Originally posted on 07/17/2023 @ 8:59 PM

One of the most attractive benefits offered by some Delta SkyMiles Credit Cards is the Delta Companion Certificate. This unique perk allows cardholders to bring a companion on a round-trip domestic flight for just the cost of taxes and fees once every year upon card renewal.

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What is the Delta Companion Certificate?

The Delta Companion Certificate is essentially a buy-one-get-one-free ticket for domestic flights. Each year, select Delta SkyMiles Credit Card holders receive a Companion Certificate when they renew their card membership. The certificate is redeemable for a round-trip Main Cabin, Comfort+, or First Class ticket, depending on the type of card held by the member.

Who Can Use the Companion Certificate?

The Companion Certificate can be used by the cardholder for any individual of their choosing – a family member, friend, or business associate. The certificate holder does not need to be the primary traveler but must be the one booking the trip.

How to Use the Delta Companion Certificate

Once your Companion Certificate has been deposited into your SkyMiles account (usually within a few weeks of your card renewal date), you can access it by logging into your Delta account. The certificate is used during the booking process. You must book both the paid ticket and the companion ticket at the same time to take advantage of the certificate.

When booking, remember that both travelers must be on the same itinerary. The certificate covers the cost of the ticket, but the cardholder will still need to pay applicable taxes and fees.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before using your Companion Certificate, there are a few important details to keep in mind:

  1. Blackout dates: Delta may have blackout dates during which the Companion Certificate can’t be used.
  2. Ticket class: The type of ticket you can book with the Companion Certificate depends on your credit card. Some cards only allow for Main Cabin tickets, while others allow for Comfort+ or First Class tickets.
  3. Geographical restrictions: Generally, the Companion Certificate can only be used for domestic flights in the continental U.S.

The Delta Companion Certificate is an excellent perk for those who travel regularly with a companion. It’s a substantial benefit that can save hundreds of dollars, making it a significant consideration when choosing a Delta SkyMiles credit card. Be sure to read all the terms and conditions of your Companion Certificate to ensure you’re maximizing its value.

table of contents